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- 1. What is Coffee Matching?
- 2. How does Coffee Matching work?
- 3. What are the advantages of Coffee Matching?
- 4. Can someone participate more than once?
- 5. How does Puzzle Matching work?
- 6. How does Happy Hour work?

1. What is Coffee Matching?
Coffee Matching comes from America. It is a relating, fast and smart way bringing you to lasting love. It is also called Speed Dating, and members will meet and talk to 15-20 people in one event.
2. How does Coffee Matching work?
According to a research result from America, people normally need 7 minutes to find out the chance of developing a relationship. The idea of Coffee Matching (also called Speed Dating) was then established. We invite equal numbers of male and female and they have the chance to talk to each other individually for 7 minutes. Coffee daters are then being requested to check a "yes" or "no" on their date cards, if the attraction is mutual, we will inform both members and exchange their contact details.rnrnFunctions will be held at exclusive indoor facility, started by causal discussion surrounding topics on opposite gender, create an interesting and non-pressured atmosphere.
3. What are the advantages of Coffee Matching?
Coffee Matching Club is a Speed Dating Club for single professionals, it is very different from traditional Match Maker, as members normally put forward clear and strict requirement with Match Makers, so that people with incompatible resume (but with good personality and appearance) may be out of the game. rnrnFor the contemporary social gathering, people have too many choices, they may know what they want, but they are not sure what the others are thinking. Matches are difficult, you still have to trial and error, and as a matter of fact, chances come and go and could be easily missed.rnrnFor Coffee Matching (also called Speed Dating), we guarantee at least 15-20 dates without the need of uncomfortable ice-breaking, we avoid the nightmare 3 hours blind dates. At the apointed time, one man and one woman are paired up at each table where they have 7 minutes to talk. At the end of 7 minutes, they are asked to simply checking a "yes" or "no" box. When matches are found, we will inform both parties, so that you will have more down-to-earth information to start with.rn
4. Can someone participate more than once?
Yes, we encourage it, if you don't meet that special someone the first time around. Per our experience, at least 70% of the participants are new faces in each event, and, you can always check the number of clashes before joining us again.rn
5. How does Puzzle Matching work?
Everyone will be given a piece of puzzle at the door when you arrive, you will have to find your matching piece of puzzle in the party. When you find one, both of you shall write down your name and the first 4 digits of your mobile number on a lucky draw card so that you can have a chance to win a prize at the end of the party. You can always change a new piece of puzzle and to start a new searching again. rnrnEvery piece of puzzle has quite a lot of possibilities around, so you will have the chance to know a lot of people if you work hard enough. It is an excellent tool to talk to people as you can never find out if the two pieces of puzzles match just by looking, you will have to test it and try it real hard in all directions until you find a perfect match!
6. How does Happy Hour work?
If you are tired of repeating yourself 20 times in 2 hours in a speed dating event, or if you are fed up with the bell ringing sound when you really want to talk to someone interesting, then Happy Hour maybe the best choice for you. rnrnHappy Hour is a small scale cocktail party, as we would like to make sure all participants will have the chance to talk to everyone in the party. It will normally be held in a private bar/lounge, everyone will be given a checklist when you arrive, and you will have to identify each participant in order to finish the task the organizer gives you. This is a good way to start talking to people, and you can even win a prize if you are the first one to complete the task. Finally, if you see someone interesting but missed the chance to exchange contacts, let us know, and we will help to pass on the message afterwards.rnrnPeople joined Happy Hour really had a good time, and this is definitely a good way to meet people in a rather relaxing atmosphere.